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Risk & Trust is Life's Little Roller Coaster Ride with the Biggest Thrill

This weekend I was able to take a day of fun in the sun at Busch Gardens with my family and as a kid I wanted to go on every ride, but as an adult I found myself wincing at the large rides and wondering if they were safe enough for my family. Now I have motion sickness and anxiety so bad that a roller coaster would literally knock me out, so I'm not a roller coaster fan by any means, mentally or physically. But I enjoy watching them and seeing how they are engineered. I also find it fascinating how humans actually enjoy a thrill of something so dangerous and put their lives in the hands of a complete stranger who they trust made it safe enough. Which begs the question, "What other things in life are risk-taking ventures that push us to put complete trust in a total stranger?" Careers like doctors, lawyers, scientists, military, emergency response personnel, and even politicians. Personal goals like starting a business, buying a home, getting married, and having a baby.

Life is about risk and trust.

Both words mean totally different things, but together they create a balance. A YingYang aspect of life. You can't succeed without a risk. A risk in loosing money, a risk in a broken heart, a risk in your own reputation, and a risk in the end result. But you can't take risks without some sort of trust. You have to trust in the people who are supporting you, trust in the goals you want to accomplish, trust in the money you are investing, and of course, trust in the end result.

So this week let's contemplate Risk and Trust in your life and how to use these to your advantage at work, school, and home. Here are three tips to help you get started on Risk & Trust.


This week at work if you are involved in a project, let someone else take lead for the day. Someone who normally doesn't speak up first, someone new to the team, or even an Intern. Give them an All Day Risk & Trust Pass to see how they handle things and how they would lead you and your team through the workday. At the end of the day, pull them aside and go over their duties and what they've accomplished. MENTOR them, but don't focus on the negatives. Remember, you took a risk on them when hiring them, so trust they know their job.


As an educator, choose a student to be your Assistant Teacher for the day. Depending on the grade will depend on the responsibilities, but let them lead and do some of the things you do as a teacher. From grading papers, cleaning the classroom, and even teaching a subject of their choice that they are familiar and good at. Help them along the way and if all goes well, make it a once a month student selection.


Parenting is not an easy job and Risk & Trust is an every day struggle. But this week, choose a day to just let things be! This means, don't clean the house, lounge around in your pajamas, binge watch the latest Stranger Things episodes, and let the kids be kids! Take a Risk on not being perfect or worrying about everything and Trust things will be OK. You may find the kids didn't burn the house down and it was a relaxing day.

It's not very easy to change your routine for the day because risk is unfamiliar territory and you already trust the path that works best for you. But the point of the above project is to teach you to take RISKS and TRUST in something else for a change. Like the roller coasters I watched intently this weekend, the twists and turns made me uneasy and I feared the worst, but as I waved to my kids and husband as they went up, up, and up, I trusted the nuts and bolts of everything would hold it all together and the end result would be more fun for everyone.

What are some of the greatests risks you've taken and what kind of trust helped you get through it all?

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