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Marching to Success: Tips for Veteran Entrepreneurs on the Rise

Let's talk transitions. Especially, that from military life to the civilian hustle bustle. It feels alien, doesn't it? Yet, the excitement lingers. You, my friend, are about to embark on a journey of entrepreneurship, armed with a unique arsenal of skills and experiences. Sounds daunting, right? Here's a surprising fact: out of the 27.9 million businesses in America, 2.52 million are veteran-owned. Quite impressive, isn't it? Yes, your comrades are making a significant economic impact, employing over 5.793 million employees and amassing over $1.220 trillion in sales. Yet, starting a veteran-owned business is not a cakewalk. No worries though, as we have assembled a handy guide with steps and resources you can use. So, let's dive in, soldiers!

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